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March 2017 blank calendar

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If you were searching for  A4, then you are at the right place, Here we are providing A4 free of cost to download. In Effort For the Brand New Time, Dr. Jose Arguelles writes : "To alter the calendar would be to change history itself... If we choose the 13 Moon Calendar, the species will operate by a 28-day cycle which is the biological cycle that is female. Our daily lives will be paced by us by a perpetual calendar which will release the thoughts into the telepathic norms that are a property of the 13:20 that is universal time frequency. We will realize that this tool synchronizes other world calendars and the lunar according to a mathematical harmony formerly unknown. And released into an entirely different state of consciousness we will soon understand technologies that are mental rather than material in nature. Earth will be unified by a new syn chronic order of human life.

The harmony or disharmony of time is a profound question rooted in the instrument of time reckoning that we use. There may be little question that we live more in a time of chaos than of harmony. We could also say in regard to the consequence of standards of measure on the head, the madness of the time is embedded. If we want to leave this time of madness and enter a time of harmony, then we must change the instrument in which the mayhem is embedded for an instrument that is the very model of harmony - 28 day count, the 13 Moon. "The Gregorian calendar, the present international civil standard is truly the basis in time of globalization... Just a species whose time sensibility had been captured by devices of artificial measure might have gotten so alienated as to have produced the grievous conundrum known as the' world that was quick,' a civilization where cash and technological advance predominate over the natural order and human sensibility. It is to the correction of this destructive impetus that all efforts of calendar reform must now be directed."

The international dominance of our modern 12-month business calendar results from centuries of imperial conquest. Last changed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, the "Gregorian Calendar" is the current world standard because of the forceful issuance of this system upon captured (indigenous) peoples who lost their land in addition to their spiritual freedoms.  an archaic depiction of Time. It is a product of its forerunners - Julius Caesar's calendar along with the earlier "calends" (schedule of taxing) of the Roman Empire.

Safeguarding the ability of a patriarchial priesthood as well as a neo-feudal fiscal system, this calendar applications us - through our adherence to its methodical disharmony - to perpetuate a lifestyle of "time is money."

Consumption over originality, marketplace over morality, we are walking a path that's not leading us to a bright future. Now knowing we've been misled by a false understanding of time, it is our right and responsibility to explore and retrieve our true connection to Time. If you liked  with A4, please share it on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.